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these are some of my favorite quotes by residents/visitors of the berkshires…..

  • hope is the struggle of the soul, breaking loose from what is perishable, and attesting to her eternity…………..herman melville
  • aim above morality. be not simply good, be good for something…….henry david thoreau
  • therefore trust to thy heart, and to what the world calls illusions…….henry wadsworth longfellow
  • silence may be as variously shaded as speech………..edith wharton
  • with access to a farm, many are dazzled by the bounty and wonders of nature. i love to see grown people awed by the delicate beauty of a carrot seedling…..robyn van zant(co founder of one of the first csa farms in america)
  • good things happen when you meet strangers……..yoyo ma
  • the world is always ready to receive talent with open arms, very often it does not know what to do with genius……oliver wendell holmes
  • truth is in things, not in words……..herman melville
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