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a good mexican(ish) meal, finally…..

January 30, 2013

~the berkshires are somewhat removed from the rest of the civilized world, and though, for the most part, thats a very good thing, it can also be a detriment to your desires if they cant be found here…..for me, one of the only downfalls of living in berkshire county, is the lack of good mexican food……yes, there are the run of the mill places, and fast food chains, but i am speaking about real, authentic tasting mexican food….there is Desperado’s and Coyote Flaco up in williamstown, and i have heard great things about both of them…but, it is at the other side of the county, and i really dont get up there as much as i should….there have been some really great ones throughout the years, but until a few months ago, there was nothing for me. until i found out about Baja Charlies in Lee…….another chef/restaurant owner friend of mine gave it great reviews, so i knew i had to try it…..
finding the place was not so easy, as they only have one small sign as of now, and the building its in is shared with a hair salon….the parking lot is on the hair salon side, and there was no clear direction to the restaurant…we went in the front blue door, but i oddly felt as if i was going to enter someone’s apartment….inside there were three more doors to confuse me a bit more, but i finally found my way in…we were warmly greeted by a fellow named david, and sat at a table near to the kitchen….the place was bright and very clean, with a very nice decor….while we decided what to order, david brought us nacho chips and a salsa that was incredible…we ordered the guacamole to go with it and david went over the menu with us….i was very pleased with how accommodating they were, as i eat vegan and my friend was on a diet and we had a three year old with us….not easy to feed people to say the least….
i decided on the baja burrito, my friend chose the salmon salad, and the little one was prepared an off the menu quesadilla….the first bite i took, i knew i had found one of my new favorite restaurants…the place is chef owned, so i expected it to be good, but it took me to a whole new understanding the word outstanding….it was a veggie burrito with vegan cheese(david’s suggestion), and it was made to perfection…..grilled, chopped veggies and perfect seasonings…..i literally couldn’t stop eating….my friend seemed equally enamored with hers, as she couldn’t seem to put her fork down either….she even shooed them away when they tried to bring her a to-go box for her ‘leftovers’…. 🙂
there are a few quirks the place has to still work out, such as signage, and cloth napkins, but for the most part, i found it to be a great meal in a nice place, and really friendly service…and the prices were good, too….the best part is that it is literally two miles from my house, so you know i will become a familiar face there!

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  1. February 20, 2013 7:40 pm

    I totally agree…

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