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keeping warm….

December 27, 2012
winter in the berkshires...

winter in the berkshires…

You need to have certain disposition to make it through a new england winter with a smile. it is not always predictable, and it is definitely not very friendly. winter can show up in the middle of october, or it can laze its way into december or january. it can bring monumental amounts of snow, or the flowers can burst forth in confusion in mid january because of the lack of snow. some winters are the picturesque scenes found on postcards and christmas movies, and sometimes the land is a brown, barren ice field, winter winds beating you down if you dare to go out…….despite all of this, winter in the berkshires is a wonderful thing. it gives you a time to slow down and regroup. pull out those projects that have sat for too long, take time to cook warm and loving foods, comforting the soul…..there is much to do in the berkshires in the winter season, some visitors forego our other magical seasons, coming only for their love of the berkshire snow….there is plenty of skiing, and snowshoeing, ice fishing enthusiasts rave about our area…..culturally, there is still a lot happening, especially around the holidays, with events like the rockwell christmas on main st., in stockbridge…playhouses are starting to have winter line ups, as well as in the warmer seasons….on a nice, sunny winter day, i will often go shopping on main st., either in stockbridge or great barrington, or throw on my boots or snowshoes(depending on the snow), and head out onto one of the many trails that surround my area. but, for the most part, i like to observe the berkshire winters from the warmth of inside, looking out through a window…i find winter the perfect time to go back to a simpler time. i make things for people, that i will give as gifts throughout the year. i cook all of the foods that i am too busy to make in all of the days when i am outdoors, putting my heart and soul into the food, taking time to take time…..and i must admit, although i am a berkshiregirl through and through, and would never give up any part of living here, i am a huge chicken of the cold. i run from one place to another if i am forced to venture out into it. i prefer to stay bundled up in thick sweaters, in a 72 degree house, preferably under the scrumptious warmth of one of my many berkshire blankets( )….i can sit with a cup of coffee, cuddled under my blanket, looking out at the beautiful white scenery, birds hopping happily outside, while i count my blessings from inside 🙂

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  1. December 28, 2012 4:19 pm

    i have a new navy blue fluffy berkshire blanket that i am in love with 🙂


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