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where did summer go?

September 1, 2012

I know that our summers tend to come and go quickly in these parts, but this one seemed more like the ‘disappearing summer’…. I think that we were too early rustled from our winter slumber, with the month of 90 degree weather in march….. of course, just as we shook off the snow to don our flipflops, the cold weather came back to chastise us…. when the summer weather finally settled in, we were overwhelmed with the summer itinerary that is the berkshires in summer…. trying to squeeze in as many plays, shows, museums and beach days, we had hardly noticed that first hint of autumn blush on the leaves…. it wasn’t until the ‘welcome back’ letters from school showed up in our mailbox, that we realized we were facing the end of our summer fun…. the past week was dizzying as we raced to fit in all of the things we had missed, a trip to six flags, hiking in ice glen, lunch at our favorite outdoor restaurant and a canoe trip down the housatonic river…..and then, just like that, our summer vacation is over and the kids are back in school…. now, I am left to find those late summer treasures on my own, drinking it the magic of the gorgeous weather…. and now I look forward to the weekends, squeezing some more summer magic into those days…. and then, onto apple picking and pumpkin pies : )


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