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one word: chocolate.

June 2, 2012

~~~first, a full admission. i am a chocolate addict. i’m not even sure thats quite a strong enough term for it, because i tend to see it more of a primal urge. something that i cannot imagine living without. take my car, my jewelry, even my money, but do not deny me my chocolate.  though my waistline and my purse often dictate my actual contact with the stuff, i do my best to sneak it past myself, whenever i can…..

     living mostly in the south and central berkshires, i obviously know more about the locally produced chocolates in these areas, but i am sure there are delicious ones in north county that i will discover sometime sooner or later….in south county, i certainly have favorites, and being a local who has to drive past most of these places on a daily basis, does not make my waistline or my purse very happy….good thing i am more concerned about my own bliss.

     Chocolate Springs(  ), located in the old lenox country shops, seems to draw my very discerning cravings the most.  whether i am walking in for a brownie, with its delectable ganache and cacao tidbits or a chocolate salted caramel bar, i never leave thinking that i haven’t tasted a tiny piece of heaven…..chocolatier, joshua needleman, does a superb job with both his creations and the overall image of the business itself…he is a great asset to our community, and i hope his chocolate creations continue for many, many years …. oh, yeah, if you have never tried their hot cocoa,well, you really should…

     another landmark chocolate shop is catherine’s chocolates( ), in great  barrington, where just walking into the store puts you in a chocolate childhood bliss….it smells and looks like the quintessential chocolate shop…and the chocolate and treats are oh, so yummy…..i have purchased more gifts from here than i can count or remember…. and you can often see the women in the back, hands enrobed in chocolate, as they create the delights….

     berkshirebark(, although not a store, is a favorite locally produced chocolate, and is available in many stores, including guidos( )…they are delicious chocolate bars in a variety of unique and wonderful flavors…..

     art and chocolate( )is a small shop in downtown lenox, and offers both art and fine chocolates from around the world….though the chocolates are not produced locally, i have had the pleasure of tasting many great pieces from chocolatiers around the globe…and such pretty surroundings as you are indulging in your chocolates…..

     this post would be remiss if i didnt put in a word for berkshire mountain bakery( ), because in all truth, i have probably eaten more of their chocolate than anywhere else (except for chocolate springs, of course) in the form of their chocolate bread….something about a chunk of top notch bread filled with chunks of  beautiful chocolate bursting through every bite….. straight out of the bag is a wonderful way to enjoy it, but toast it, spread a little butter and a sprinkle of salt, and you will think you closed your eyes and ended up in heaven….. and if you are lucky enough to get there early enough to see chocolate croissants on their shelves, do yourself a favor and grab one, or four…..they are that good……

     i really try not to overindulge in my urges, but it is really hard when the roads that i drive down every day, have these signs that call out to me as i drive by,  saying….’hey, berkshiregirl, there is some really, really yummy stuff in here,  you’re not going to pass by are you??”  and it doesn’t help that every store i go in is showcasing locally produced chocolate in one form or another…..this post could go on and on, as i have great love for many other local  chocolate delights: ice cream, donuts, cakes, the list goes on and on….but all of this chocolate talk has me heading to the kitchen,, looking for that last bite of  espresso bar that i bought the other day at chocolate springs……do you have a favorite chocolate local to the berkshires? a favorite local chocolate treat? i am always looking for new chocolate to love,,, so i would love to discover something new…… enjoy!

homeade chocolate profiterole….




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