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wildlife sanctuaries

June 4, 2011

the berkshires not only boasts mile after mile of beautiful woodlands, but many of them are protected by law….on this sunny day, i had the pleasure of walking through two of our area sanctuaries that are run by the mass audobon society….in the morning, i was a volunteer for my child’s class field trip to pleasant valley wildlife sanctuary…despite the chill in the air, especially being  june, the kids had a wonderful time exploring…it is an easy walk and parts are even handicapped accessible…there is plenty of small wildlife, such as beavers,chipmunks and a variety of pretty birds…the plant life is varied, with gorgeous laurel bushes, swamp azalea, and majestic trees….i learned that the white pine is determined by its bracts of five needles(spelling WHITE), which is something i did not know….

    the next stop was later in the afternoon on a trip back from connecticut…we stopped off at the lime kiln sanctuary in sheffield, just to snap a few pictures, but it was so nice of a day still outside that we decided to walk one of the shorter loop trails…the fields are gorgeous and there are tons of photo opportunities, and almost as many bluebirds and martins….they were darting everywhere throughout the fields…when the trail enters the woods, you pass by old foundation walls and then the lime kiln itself, which looks like an anomaly in the middle of these woods, towering into the sky….you can’t help wonder what it must have looked like all those years ago, when its smokestack was billowing in the middle of nowhere..the trail then winds around through some other fields with great views of the local mountains in south county….the butterflies were also abundant, making it a very relaxing walk….

     there are so many wonderful sanctuaries in the berkshires, it makes me feel happy and proud to live in an area that realizes the importance of protecting nature….   : ) happy berkshiregirl today!

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